• 20 June 2017

    Discover the fluorescence microscopy facilities in Grenoble and how they can help you

    • Fluorescence microscopy experts and biologists will present applications performed in different institutes in Grenoble.
    • A first round table will aim at addressing questions from users and newcomers.
    • A second round table will address the organization of the fluorescence microscopy network in Grenoble.
  • Registration

    Please complete the registration form and send it to fluoday2017@gmail.com

    For people having access to the EPN campus, please fill in your name and your organization. For the others, the complete form is mandatory to enter the campus.

  • Access

    The event will take place at the Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS), on the EPN campus of Grenoble, 71 Avenue des Martyrs.


    Important: make sure to bring an official identity document to be able to enter the EPN campus.

  • Organization

    • Cécile MORLOT, IBS
    • Joanna TIMMINS, IBS
    • Virgile ADAM, IBS
    • Lætitia KURZAWA, CEA
    • Olivier DESTAING, IAB, UGA

  • Contact